• The Customized Facial - $80

    No matter your skin concerns or type, our knowledgeable estheticians will customize a facial specific to your skin’s needs. After a skin consultation this facial Includes a double cleanse,, an exfoliant appropriate for your skin, a masque, shoulder and arm massage, facial massage and finishing products.   

  • The Dermaplane Facial - $95

    This 75 minute facial includes all the pampering of a customized  facial with the exfoliation of a dermaplane. Dermaplaning is an  exfoliating treatment that removes the uppermost dead skin cells while removing the vellus hair (peach fuzz) found on the face and neck. It creates a smooth canvas for your products to better absorb, helps with dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles and  improves application of makeup.  

  • Chemical Peels - $125+

    Whether it’s acne, lines, wrinkles, sun spots/brown spots,  texture, lifting and firming of the skin or oil control/pore  reduction, a chemical peel is an effective way to improve  almost any skin concern. There are many types of peels, some  work superficially and will not result in any peeling; others work deeper and can be more corrective for more advanced  skin concerns. Chemical peels are great to use as maintenance  a few times a year or can work to correct more intense skin care concerns when used in a series.  

    *Some of the chemical peel options will cause peelings/sloughing of the  skin and require post peel products and protocols*  

  • The Dermaluxx Facial - $115 

    (previously known as the Hydroluxx)

    A hydro-dermabrasion that uses a specialized serum solution  to target your skin needs while providing a deep exfoliation  and extraction removing blackheads and congestion from  your pores giving your skin a deep clean and leaving your  skin glowing, hydrated and radiant. This treatment ends with a  customized treatment masque and oxygen infusion of vitamin  C into your skin. This treatment is a favorite and has immediate  results! 

  • ProCell Microchanneling - $300

    Microchanneling, also known as collagen induction therapy, (CIT) is a treatment that creates hundreds of microchannels in the skin and using a patented stem cell serum your skin is then able to heal and  promote  collagen production and initiate a healing response resulting  in major skin changing results. 


    It is minimally invasive and described as painless but a  numbing cream is applied before the treatment to ensure this.  This treatment targets more advanced skin concerns and sets  you on the fast track to correcting them. It can be done as  maintenance to ensure longevity of healthy skin, or done in a  series of treatments to correct imperfections and accomplish  an even glowing canvas, and then maintained afterwards.  After care is given to you for post care treatment.

    Skin concerns improved:

    • Fine lines and wrinkles  

    • Dull skin and sagging skin  

    • Enlarged pores  

    • Acne & surgical scars (more than 6 months old)  

    • Naso-labial lines and smokers lines  

    • Sun damage and hyperpigmentation 

  • The Paradigm - 60 minute: $80, 90 Minute: $115

    Don’t let the name deter you, this massage is anything but  standard. Enjoy a full body, Swedish style massage with  pressure and areas of focus customized to your preferences.  Add an exfoliating scrub to the back or feet to enhance your  experience at no additional charge.  

  • The Recharge - 75 minutes: $90

    Heated volcanic Basalt stones are used to provide ultimate  relaxation during this full body massage (including the face  and scalp!) Hot stone therapy is simultaneously soothing and  therapeutic as the heat gently works deeper into the fascial  and muscular tissues.  

  • The Focus - 30 minutes: $45, 60 minutes: $80

    A localized deep tissue massage focusing on 2-3 specific  problem areas. While deeper pressure can be effective and  utilized with this treatment, a variety of pressure levels and  techniques are applied to release tension in deeper layers of  connective tissue and musculature.  

  • The Revival - 60 minutes: $80

    Aromatherapy, using a Revive essential oil of your choice,  envelopes you in this full body massage. Infused hot towels  and massage oil are used to provide this immersive and  relaxing treatment.   

  • The Duet - 90 minutes: $125

    A harmonious blend of a massage and a facial. This 90 minute  treatment really has it all with a full body massage and a facial  customized to your specific needs. Ask about incorporating a  Revive essential oil with this treatment!  

  • The Bump - 60 minutes: $80

    Expecting mommas, this one is for you! A pregnancy bolster  allows for mommas to enjoy a full body massage while lying  face down. Prenatal massages are available for low risk  pregnancies in the second trimester or beyond.

  • The Detox - 120 minutes: $175

    A spa retreat designed to leave you refreshed and revitalized.  

    A Dead Sea salt mud application and thermal wrap work to  draw out toxins, alleviate aching muscles, and soften the skin.  A jetted waterfall shower and full body massage complete the  experience. Add a 15 minute facial cupping session during your  wrap for just $10! 

  • Body Cupping - 60 minutes: $85, 75 minutes w/abdominal cupping: $100

    Negative pressure therapy utilizes a variety of cup styles  and techniques to remove stagnation from deep layers and  promote lymphatic movement and full body circulation. The  suction of the cups releases muscle tension by lifting the  tissue away from underlying structures. Cups can be used  locally on specific problem areas or throughout the body.  Abdominal cupping is also available to counter cramping and  aid in the digestive process.  

  • The Culmination - 120 minutes: $160

    The perfect combination of techniques using our Sore No More essential oil blend for this full body massage. Hot stones warm the muscles to prepare for deeper, hands-on work. And multiple cupping styles are also used to address stubborn knots and encourage lymphatic movement. This massage is perfect for anyone who constantly has tight muscles and is sore. 

  • The Mini - 30 minute: $40

    A 30 minute massage customized for our youngest clients. This can be full body or solely specific areas of concern. Parents are invited and encouraged to join their child in the treatment room.

  • The Mini Facial - 30 minute: $40

    A 30 minute facial featuring gentle cleansers, and exfoliation followed by a hydrating  masque and  facial massage- perfect for pampering our youngest clients. Parents are invited and encouraged to join their child in the treatment room. 

  • The Mini Duet - 60 minute: $80

    A 60 minute treatment for our youngest clients. This features a combination of a customized full body massage and gentle, hydrating facial. Parents are invited and encouraged to join their child in the treatment room. 

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